One-stop resource for best practices, smart tools, trade tips, and publishing guidance for experts and scholars seeking literary consultation on an as-needed basis.

Rare team expertise in IP ownership audits, IP asset inventories, and related publishing due diligence required for paper-to-digital transitions and M&A.

Nonfiction literary agent for thought leaders prepared to challenge and transform prevailing worldviews through informed debate, cutting-edge books and digital media.

HARTNETT INCORPORATED launched in 1997 as a literary agency. Keeping pace with tectonic shifts in publishing, we now advise and broker creative talent and content integrating media with and beyond books.

Our unique teams offer editing, research and project management for groups adapting to the dynamic virtual world by shifting from paper to digital formats.

Wholly Virtual. Virginia Based. Woman Owned.
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Virtual Team Management

Writing, Editing,
Book Doctoring

Copyright Audits,
Asset Inventories